The RESPeRATE is different from anything you’ve seen before. It's FDA-cleared. AHA recommended non-drug hypertension treatment device.

How RESPeRATE works

RESPeRATE is a medical device that uses patented melody-guided breathing technology to relax constricted blood vessels and lower blood pressure.


RESPeRATE’s breathing sensor belt picks up your inhale and exhale movements.


RESPeRATE transforms your breathing into tones that gradually guide you to prolonged exhalation and slow breathing.


Just breathe with the guiding tones. RESPeRATE is fully adaptive. Should you not follow the tones, RESPeRATE will adjust the melody to sync with you and begin the slowing process again.


With each exhalation, elevated sympathetic activity is reduced, opening up blood vessels to lower blood pressure


The beneficial impact accumulates after each session. Within three to four weeks, a significant, lasting reduction in blood pressure occurs.

RESPeRATE’s like having the world’s greatest “breathing coach” at your fingertips.


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Did FDA find RESPeRATE effective in lowering blood pressure?

Yes. The FDA has granted RESPeRATE a specific blood pressure lowering indication after it successfully completed the clinical trials designated by the agency. RESPeRATE is the medical device with such an indication and the only hypertension treatment available without a prescription (OTC). See FDA 510K# K020399

Will RESPeRATE help me avoid medications?

Yes, in many ways. Many of our customers were able to lower their blood pressure so their doctors were able to avoid placing them on medication in the first place, add medications or increase the dosage. Others were able to work with their doctors to decrease their medication dosage and even come off them completely (step-down procedure). In any case, it is very important that you do NOT change your medication regime without your doctor’s consent. To download a clinical information package for your doctor click here

How quickly will I see results?

You will feel RESPeRATE relaxing effects within a few sessions. Some users see a change in blood pressure right after the session in the first week. An all-day, lasting blood pressure can be expected within 3-4 weeks of proper use.

Why buy here vs. Amazon?

We are the manufacturer of RESPeRATE. When you buy on Amazon it’s really our storefront at higher prices as they are a middleman. Buying directly from this website or by calling us you get the best price and full 60-day return policy (for any reason) without any restocking fees. At Amazon, you’ll only get their standard 30-day guarantee. Furthermore, we also offer a three easy payment plan option and ship you the unit right after the first payment. No matter where you decided to buy, we WILL provide you unlimited and caring phone support to ensure you lower your blood pressure.

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